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BIG and EXCITING NEWS – Lucas House is joining forces with Corwyn’s Cause!

After much discussion and research, Lucas House has decided to join forces with another local nonprofit Corwyn’s Cause!   Over the last couple of years, Lucas House and Corwyn’s Cause have collaborated on several “Heroes in Plain Sight” events bringing light, hope, resources, and connection to local medically fragile children and their families as we are serving the same population:  medically fragile children and their families.

Through our collaborative efforts and research, we have found there are over 1,806 medically fragile children in our local community that could expire within the next year.  In addition, with the explosion of growth in the Treasure Valley, it is estimated there is between 90-100 medically fragile children coming into our community each month.  Currently in our state, there are no hospice or hospital organizations that provide pediatric palliative care and additionally there are only two hospices that serve children in our area.  With such a large population of medically fragile children, waiting for a respite/hospice house to be built and serve families does not make sense.    We have decided it is time to join forces now and meet people where they are at in this journey and bring light where the skies are gray.  By coming together, we can do more!

In the medically-fragile children population, the divorce rate is 90%, family disintegration including sibling issues and increased strain are common. Caregiver burnout and health decline resulting in poor quality of life for the child leading to less than desirable outcomes and health costs for the entire family.  Respite is currently not available and is being sought out in the Pediatric ICU at a high cost.  With advances in medical/surgical care, children with complex chronic conditions are living longer than ever before.  With children living longer, there are much more complicated demands left to the caregivers of the child.  Complex in-homecare now resembles what was once reserved for a hospital setting.

Our combined mission brings uplifting support to medically fragile children and their families.  It is meeting families right where they are at by providing a host of services which include:  hosted events for community building, house-cleaning, meal service, lawn care, snow removal, family resources, support groups, musical and character visits among others. 


Along with the tangible services above, the objectives of the organization also include: 

  • Building a network of advocates that can help families with short-term and long-term support. 

  • Establishing a collaborative relationship with community partners.

  • Connecting families to palliative care and additional resources in the community.

  • Increasing community awareness about palliative and hospice care resources for children through education.

  • Starting a respite initiative – bringing renewed energies to the caregiver and family.

Effective January 1, 2019, Lucas House will combine into Corwyn’s Cause to continue serving medically fragile children and their families.  We are thrilled for this new evolution to a dream and can’t wait for what we can do together to change lives!  We look forward to your continued support in our mission to serve medically fragile children and their families to help make the most of their time together, no matter the circumstances.

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